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Variety of Specialized Safety Cleaning Products


We carry a variety of environmentall safe  nonslip cleaning products that not only clean your floors but will also meet a safety level of reduced slippage when wet on most to all surfaces. Our commitment to product research continues with manufactures that we have worked with over the years to assist our customer base. At Z-tech Solutions Inc.  our cleaning products are environmental safe and meet the highest standards of eco friendly products. 


Variety of Specialized Non-Slip Products


We carry a variety of non-slip products including:


Matting Products


At Z-tech Solutions we fully understand the benefits of ergonomic assessments and products. We offer a variety of anti-fatigue and ergonomic matting products. We also have matting solutions for surfaces that are slippery when wet  to reduce the risk factor of slip, trip, and falls.  Not all mats are made the same. We specialize in getting the right mat for the right region of your facility to ensure that you are getting all the benefits out of your mat.  We see many business using improper matting solutions. In some cases a mat is not required. You might think your solving a problem by throwing a mat on the floor; however, if it's not the right mat for the job you may be causing a bigger issue regarding the potential for a slip,trip and fall incident. Let us assist you with all your surface safety needs. 

Rubberized Flooring Products


We continue to offer and promote rubberized flooring products for gyms, hospitals, rehabilitation clinics, veterinary clinics, hockey arenas, curling clubs, sporting facilites or surface that requires a durable yet resilient flooring solution. Our professional flooring applicators are trained installers that specialize in our product line to ensure a Z-tech Solutions Inc. certified application occurs for warrantee purposes. 

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