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About Z-tech Solutions 

Z-tech Solutions Inc. is an independent company specializing in occupational health resource management and surface safety solutions. We provide a variety of occupational health consulting services that will reduce lost time within the workplace. Our integrated approach to occupational health management  allows for a collaborative and proactive process between all stakeholders. Z-tech Solutions Inc. provides onsite services throughout the province and has access to multiple locations.
Our innovative surface safety product line provides our customers with a variety of solutions that are focused and customized to their management and industry requirements. In addition to our surface safety product line, we offer standardized surface safety assessments which includes coefficient of friction analysis. Z-tech Solutions Inc. uses the latest technology providing substantial reporting methodology and results that are used in legal forums. Current statistics reveal that incidents of slip, trip, and fall continue to increase throughout the province. If you have an existing floor that is slippery or are looking for a safe flooring solution on a new build, contact us as we can help. Refer to our product section for more information or contact us we look forward to assisting you.


Our Vision


To provide innovative occupational health management services and surface safety solutions supported by a superior level of service.



By taking the" first step on safety"  we can begin minimizing your risk through our integrated occupational health management consulting services and surface safety solutions.



Z-tech Solutions is committed to giving back to the community and as a result, Z-tech Solutions Inc. works with associations and agencies to assist community organizations. 



Z-tech Solutions supports Mission Zero. 


At Z-tech Solutions we value your privacy. We only use the information you have provided to provide you with a response. We do not divulge or sell your information to any other party. If you have questions about your information, please contact us. 


Company Profile
With over 30 years of experience in the disability management industry working with employers, unions, employees, insurance companies and medical professionals, we promote a collaborative approach to occupational health management and surface safety solutions.


Z-tech Solutions Inc. provides cost effective, innovative, pro-active and solution focused occupational health management services. We are a client-focused company that strives to provide a superior level of service to our customers. We have built a dynamic team of highly trained professionals and specialized consultants to meet our customer’s needs.



Contact Info:         Z-tech Solutions Inc.

                              1801 Mackay Street

                              Regina SK, S4N 6E7

Phone:                  1-306-205-2098

After Hours Cell:   1-306-551-7128

Toll Free:               1-855-409-8324 

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